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On this page you will find the steps you have to follow before you can start in Holland


To get in contact with Euromunka there are the following possibilities:


  • Online registration. The easiest and fastest way to be eligible for a suitable job in Western Europe is to register yourself online on this website.  If we think we will have a suitable job for you on the hand of this registration we will make contact with you by phone or by email. One of our staff members will ask you some questions and eventually invite you for a personal meeting in one of our offices.
  • By telephone. During our office hours you can phone to one of our offices for more information.  The phone numbers you will find on the contact page.
  • Email. You can also send us an email. Please keep in mind that it is not the fastest possibility info@euromunka.hu.

Our service is free of charge. We don’t ask money for registration or subscribing.


The job interview:

The personal job interview will be in one of our offices. This can be only exclusively with an appointment. We do this to take the time for everybody.


What can you expect in this interview?

  • First you will get a short explanation about the way we work and what we expect from you.
  • After this, one of our staff members will make a complete CV. To make a complete CV from you it is important that you take all your diplomas and certificates of qualification from work related education, your (valid) passport or European Identity card and when available your driver's licence with so, we can make a copy.
    Next to your personal details and education we will make a complete story about your work history to find you the best possible job.
  • After the interview you will have plenty of time to ask all your questions and our staff members will give you all the advice they can give.

Between the interview and the job:

From the moment the interview took place and we know exactly your qualities and interest we start searching for a job for you. This means that we will use our contacts with reliable and certificated companies in Holland to check if there is a vacancy what suits your needs. We only work with companies who have all the official documents and treat the people on a honest way.
The moment we found you a job we will phone you with all the details, like:

  • What kind of job
  • The net salary
  • Starting date
  • Work location
  • Expected duration of the job
  • If there are odd working times
  • If you need own transport

When you are not interested in this job we will search for a different one if you can give us a clear reason why this is not good for you.

If you are interested in this opportunity we will send your CV to the company in Holland.

The company rejects you:

One of the reasons that a company will reject you is that they found somebody else, for example from an other country or that your work experience is not exactly what they are looking for. In this last situation we have directly contact with the company to see if there is still a possibility or not. When this company is still not interested we will contact you immediately with the reason of rejection and start searching for a suitable job for you again.

The company offers you a job:

When the company offers you the job we will make an appointment with you at one of our offices to explain everything again and give you all the information.  On this meeting you have to take your Hungarian bank account number with, so the company can pay your salary.

Because we talk here about international banking you also need your IBAN number and SWIFT code. These codes you can find on your bank statements or you can ask it at your bank. Don’t forget to take a bankcard with to Holland, the companies don’t pay cash! We will also advice you about the way of travelling to Holland.

We expect, before you come to this appointment, that you give us intelligibility when you exactly can go to Holland, so we can confirm this to the company.


On the agreed time on of our staff members expects you at our office.
Euromunka will provide you with as much as possible information in Hungarian. This will consist out:

  • A copy of the contract you will get from your Dutch employer.
  • Contact details. The name and phone number from the person in Holland who will guide you.
  • Itinerary. The address and time where they expect you and when you go by public transport the right time schedules.
  • An example of a salary slip with explanation in Hungarian.
  • A pro-forma salary calculation with explanation how everything is composed, the total hours and eventually the costs you have to pay in Holland.
  • You will also get a few copies from the Dutch tax department (translated in Hungarian) what you have to sign in Holland.
  • Rules from the company, all translated in Hungarian, like car rules, house rules, company rules etc.
  • Further you will get all kinds of information about living in Holland, how they will welcome you, the signing of the contract, the application for the Dutch tax number and health insurance. Your Dutch supervisor will help you with arranging all this matters from the moment you will arrive in Holland.

There will be plenty of time to answer your questions. We know precisely that when the moment is there that you will have 1001 questions. With our experience we will try to answer them all.

The trip to Holland:

The journey to your new employer.
We will help you with the preparation by advice you the cheapest and easiest way of travelling to Holland. We will give you the necessary information in Hungarian to make your trip as easy as possible. In the case that you get lost you can always reach our emergency number so we can guide you till you reach your destiny where your Dutch supervisor will wait for you to bring you to the accommodation and help you with all the documents, tax papers, insurance papers, etc. For all your problems and questions during your stay you can contact him. The next day he will pick you up and bring you to your work for your first day.

The after care:

For Euromunka it doesn’t stop when you start working in Holland. When anything happens and you can not solve it with your contact person you can always reach us on the office numbers and after office hours at our emergency number. You will always be helped in your mother language.

Please don’t forget that it is an emergency number so use it only for emergencies and not for matters we only can solve in office hours. The Euromunka staff members deserve also their rest .

The reason that you go to Holland is for work, we expect you to do the work as good as you can. If you expect a paid holiday than we advice you not to contact us and stay at home.

info@euromunka.hu  Phone: 003612068792  1113 Budapest, Bocskai street 77-79., Hungary
info@euromunka.hu  Phone: 003684950023  8600 Siófok, Fö street 174-176. 2nd floor, Hungary
Postaddress: Euromunka Kft. Pf.: 265, H-8601 Siófok, Hungary