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Who we are
Who we are
Why Euromunka?
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What are the activities of Euromunka?

Main activities of Euromunka are recruitment of motivated skilled and unskilled workers for Western Europe. Besides this we are fulltime busy with supplying extra service for the candidates and clients.


During our selection procedure we give a lot of attention to motivation, professional knowledge and communication chances of the candidate but we also elaborately explain the Dutch environment.


When a candidate is appropriate for the job,rolex replica he or she will always have an extra meeting in one of our offices to get the translated contracts, rolex replica watches accomodation- and other company rules, explanation about the taxnumber apply, health Insurance etc. But also to give a complete itinerary and an information book what we make specially about your company.


Euromunka is more than recruitment.

We know more than good that foreign employees supplies you also for a lot of extra work.That is why our service is not ended after the recruitment of the right person for your vacancy. Next to a 24 hours emergency number for employees and employers Euromunka takes care of official documentation, guidance, advice and translating. If you dont want all the hustle and if you dont want to be under no obligations to the employee, Euromunka can provide you with a reliable certificated jobagency wo will arrange everything for the candidate and will take all the contract responsibilities so you can concentrate on the other company mathers.


Euromunka is active in:


  • Construction
  • Metal
  • Technic
  • Logistic and transport
  • Agriculture
  • Production
  • Food
  • IT & Engineering

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality


If you want to be introduced to the service of Euromunka, don’t hesitate to contact us by Phone or by email.



hille@euromunka.eu  Phone: 0036703983570  Hungary Siófok 8600 Fő utca 113.