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Here you will find the frequent asked questions. If you’ve got more questions after reading our website don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff members.

What are the office hours of Euromunka?

Euromunka has one office in Budapest and one in Siófok. These offices are open from 09.00 till 17.00 o’clock. You can only pass by when you made an appointment.

I am searching for work in Holland. What must I do?

The quickest way to find a job in Holland is the online registration. At the moment we will find a job in your direction you’ll be contacted by one of our employees.

What is Euromunka doing for me?

Euromunka is a recruitment office who is searching a suitable job for you, accompanying the process till you arrive in Holland. Euromunka is always reachable for problems or questions during and after your stay in Holland.

What must I take with to the job interview?

To get the best possible impression and to make a complete CV from you, you have to take diplomas and certificates from obtained work related educations and trainings and possible driver's licences to the job interview. For a fast progression of the meeting is it wise to make a CV with your working experience in advance. To work legal in Holland you have to take your passport or European identity card to the interview as well.
It is also from high importance that you will have a Hungarian bank account (with bankcard) and the IBAN and Swift number from it. These codes you can find on your bank statements or can you apply for at your bank.

Do I have to pay any costs?

Euromunka provides you a service and will not ask any money for. No administration, registration or any other hidden costs. Nothing.

I registered myself online. What to do next?

When you registered yourself online you will get a confirmation e-mail. You don't have to call us if we got the registration. The moment we have a suitable job for you one of our staff member will contact you with a few questions and eventually an appointment in one of our offices.

How do I get in Holland?

If you go with your own car, drive with somebody, with plane or public transport to Holland, Euromunka will advice you the easiest and cheapest solution. We also provide you with a complete itinerary and travel advices.

How do I live in Holland?

Euromunka has only co-operations with reliable companies who have good quality accommodations. We check this on a regular base. Every house must be with kitchen, living-, bath- and bedrooms. The most common are the family houses and holiday bungalows with everything included to live normal. You will sleep with maximum two people in one bedroom unless it's an exceptional big room. Please keep in mind that the houses are fully equipped, but are always different than your own house in Hungary.

What must I take with to Holland?


This depends on the company you will work for. The moment you will accept a job you will get a list with the goods you have to take to your new house and work.

How do I get my salary?

Your salary will always be paid at your bank account. We only work with official companies who will never pay the salaries cash. It depends on your job and on the company you will work for if you get paid weekly or 4 weekly. This information you will here from Euromunka before you start working.

How do I ask tax refund and healthcare allowance?

At the end of the year you can ask for tax refund at the Dutch tax collector office. The amount of refund depends on the hours you worked and the taxes you paid over these hours. You have to download and fill in a form.

If you click on the link here under you will come to the Dutch tax office application form for tax restitution. After filling this form in the tax office will send you the complete form to your Hungarian home address what they know from your tax number application.

For the English version:

Non-Resident taxpayers’ Application or Amendment of Provisional Assessment 2009

How does it work with the healthcare insurance?

Euromunka works only with official companies who always will take care of your healthcare insurance before you start working. We advice you to keep your Hungarian healthcare insurance, so you will be still insured on the way to Holland.

What is an IBAN number and SWIFT code?

For the transfer of your salary on your Hungarian bankaccount, the Dutch company has to do international banking. For this you need your personal IBAN number and SWIFT code. Every Hungarian bank account has got an IBAN number. You can find this on your bank statement or you can apply for it at your bank. The SWIFT code is a standard code from your bank. You will find this code on your bank statement as well or ask for it at your bank.

How do I go to my work?

When Euromunka is searching for a job for you we keep in mind if you have an own car or not. When you don't have own transport, in consultation with your employer we will arrange that you can drive with somebody else or go on a different way to your work. This will be always discussed in advance with you.

Can I go on holiday?

Like everybody else in Holland you have the right of regular days off. It is important that you will consult together with your employer when you want to go on holiday. Do this in time, your boss needs also a few weeks for making the planning!

Can I take my family with?

When we arrange for you a job and accommodation means that you have to share it with your colleagues and you can not share it with your family. When you want to work for a longer period in Holland you can search for own accommodation. Keep in mind that the renting prices are much higher than in Hungary and your accommodation from your employer will be always much cheaper.

What kind of identity card do I need?

To work in Holland you need a valid Hungarian passport or European identity card.

I have got a Romanian passport. Can I work in Holland?

Unfortunately are Romania and Bulgaria citizens not allowed to work in Holland without a working permit. Even if you have a work permit for Hungary in your passport, you are still not allowed to work with this permit in Holland.

My over hours have got more tax. How is that possible?

Holland has got a very complex progressive tax system. It means that how more hours you work, how more tax you have to pay. Often it means that your over hours have a higher percentage of payable tax than your regular hours. The Dutch tax authorities make these rules and taxes and these can not be influenced by your employer. All companies we work with are on a regular base checked by the Dutch government if they calculate the correct amount of tax.


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